Monday, May 17, 2010


A favorite of FIT and S.E.A.L., Paseo Caribbean Restaurant has finally been labeled as the #2 Sandwich in America. On May 3rd, TLC debuted a  six show series called "Best Food Ever" and awarded the local Seattle favorite the number two spot.  

As unbiased as we can be, as this is S.E.A.L.'s all time favorite eatery, we would argue that the list must have been rigged.  Obviously the The Lodge in Scottsdale, Arizona paid the producer for the number one slot.  That must be it! 

As we (FIT and S.E.A.L) are experienced Paseo patrons, we are giving a little homework to our friend Cheeky. Cheeky, your challenge, if you should choose to accept, is to try Paseo's in the near future and write up your amazing, mouth-watering, mind blowing, food coma experience! 

The Challenge starts NOW!

How could one say no to this guy? (Our mouths at SFD are watering)

The grease bucket competition... doesn't even look that appealing!

Go here for the official top ten sandwiches in America for 2010!

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